Myriad Communications


Telecom Consulting

Helping You Identify and Solve Telecom Problems.

Myriad Communications, under the direction of John Hamilton, brings expertise, knowledge and experience to the problem solving process for telecom issues and needs. Possessing the ability to clearly and concisely identify telecom business issues and offer efficient solutions, Myriad will streamline and resolve the process of in-depth discovery and solution design.

consulting-ProcessYears of encountering many difficult telecom issues and a commitment of staying ahead of technology have afforded us the skill to solve your telecom problems. We do this by, most importantly, providing you with a clear in-depth outlook of the problem. We scrutinize it, and insure the problem is precisely identified and understood by you.  Secondarily, we then help you investigate and secure the most efficient solutions taking into account budgets, resources, growth path, reliability, sourcing and security to mention a few areas of consideration.Technical-experts

Also, during our business tenure, we have developed many upstream relationships with the “experts behind the expert”, those resources and people specializing in certain technical aspects of telecom; and we bring them to bear on your behalf when necessary to vet out the solution. We help our customers make money, save time and resources, eliminate stress  and build a happy and enjoyable work environment.