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Telecom Bill Auditing

Billing errors lead businesses to overpay for the services rendered by the telecom provider. Billing errors can range from honest mistakes made by the telecom provider, to more sinister and deceptive practices that rely on a businesses’ preoccupation with what they do to slip changes into the billing terms.

Simple errors known to occur:

  1. Human error or miscalculations
  2. Duplicate Billing
  3. Contract Rate Noncompliance
  4. Unwarranted Surcharges
  5. Cramming and Slamming
  6. Unreimbursed Refunds or Credits
  7. Third party billing

We consistently reduce our clients spending an average of 26%. Let us help you bring a significant impact to your bottom line.

Bill Inventory and Management

In addition to our Auditing Services we also offer a comprehensive On-Line bill Inventory management system. Regardless if your bills are paper or electronic, we can provide an electronic billing platform that will fully automate your bill payment process. Our system will validate every penny billed and systematically examine your bills for errors, credits, refunds and accuracy.

  1. Ensures contract terms and service providers are in compliance
  2. Eliminates late payment fees
  3. Automatically maps to A/P and GL Coding
  4. Consolidates dissimilar billing data and bill formats from various telecom providers to a common bill repository for analysis and management review.

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