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Predictive Dialing


With most Predictive-Dialing systems only one in five outbound calls actually connect to a live person, consuming a lot of time. For a Contact Center, that means a lot of wasted productivity as their agents attempt to connect. Businesses can use an outbound dialer to help, but in many cases that raises concerns about regulatory compliance, increased cost, and increased complexity for agents and administrators. Then there are the customers, and the last thing you want to do is bother them with nuisance calls. While you can’t produce more time, you can maximize it with our Predictive Dialing Application. Our Cloud Predictive Dialer software can increase talk times and agent productivity so you can deliver a better customer experience for less. This sophisticated dialing engine also includes preview, progressive, and message lay-down dialing to match your business needs and increase the effectiveness of each contact, resulting in higher rates of success. Regulatory compliance is an afterthought for many vendors.  With our Cloud based Dialer, it is a core principle. From the beginning, our Cloud predictive dialing has been designed to drive optimal performance in harmony with governmental regulations, including abandonment rate, ring-no-answer thresholds, and time-of-day dialing.  Because of its purpose-built design there is no need for supervisors to micromanage or manipulate a campaign in search of better performance, providing an extra level of compliance protection.


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