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All of your customers are unique — they all have different tastes, preferences and perceptions. As a Contact Center, it’s your task to keep this myriad of customers happy and build their loyalty. But, without the right information and customer insights, how can you deliver a compelling, personalized customer experience that will keep them coming back? Our customer satisfaction survey gives you the ultimate Contact Center power — the power of understanding. An essential tool for any Contact Center, our Customer Survey application brings the voice of your customer into your call center. From their own words and feedback, you can build the programs and processes you need to create an amazing customer experience every time. Your agents can monitor their service performance as well, enabling them to adjust their communication methods on demand. MYRIAD’s customer satisfaction survey gives you the power to do so much more than understand your customer’s opinion. The information gleaned from your customers can be used throughout the rest of your organization, giving your Contact Center the means to impact the entire organization in a positive way. Contact Center feedback should also be used in training and coaching exercises, ensuring new and existing agents deliver the best, most profitable service possible.


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