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We Solve Telecom Challenges - our value is in knowing how to do it!

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One Source Many Solutions 

The question is not if someone can solve your problem but rather who can solve it most efficiently with the best results.


Excellence, the result of an Intelligent Effort.


When does a vendor become a partner?

When they provide invaluable experience, knowledge, expertise and reliable service you cannot be without!


Since 1997


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We can help you pinpoint your cloud options and opportunities utilizing our knowledge, experience and expertise. The question is not “can someone solve your telecom problems” but rather “who can solve your problems with the most efficient and productive output”.
The culmination of years on the job with a dedication to study all things telecom. Experience points the way to progressive planning and maximized solutions.  

Let’s Turn Your Challenges Into Opportunities

Single Solution Vendors are mostly Self Serving. Typically single solution vendors will try to bend your needs to fit they’re solution – often at your expense. With our Multi-Vendor approach, we think the opposite way, we analyze your situation and find the best vendor to fit your requirements. Our results save your company time, cost and we ensure the most productive results. It is our mission at MYRIAD Communications to provide the products, services and suppliers that will help your company communicate in an advanced, cost effective and practical means.

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